Sunday Folks

Holland Village is a favourite hangout spot for many (including me, because of where I work), especially on Fridays because of the bars, dessert shops, and the variety of cuisine there. The atmosphere, crowds and smell of food are all it takes to pull you into a night of good food, fun and long chats. Away from the hustle and bustle of Lorong Liput, where most shops are located, Sunday Folks is a wonderful place to start and possibly end a Friday night. After leaving Holland V MRT from Exit A, just cut through what seems like a small carpark and then you’ll reach SF in just a few minutes. It’s much quieter when compared to Lorong Liput so it will be ideal for people that want some peace and quiet. It was my first time there, so we made reservations.
Enough of words. Let the photos do the talking.

Lemon Lavender Cake. In my opinion, it’s quite a rare mix of citrus and floral notes in a cake. I quote from their menu “..citrus butter cake concocted with handmade lavender butter.” Drizzled with lemon icing, lightly roasted almond slices and lavender blossoms, this cake has a nice balance between the the two flavours, both complementing each other. With every bite comes the slight crunch of almonds, a tinge of citrusy ‘zing’ and that subtle lavender scent coming through, completing the dish.


Waffles with Sea Salt Gula Melaka soft serve with strawberries at the side. It’s amazing how Sunday Folks honours the waffle by giving it a crisp outer layer and yet maintaining a soft and fluffy interior. Two waffles on top of another, topped with a generous serving of sea salt & gula melaka soft serve which has a slight smoky richness because of the gula melaka. SF is much bigger than Creamier (which is at Toa Payoh) and a slight difference between these two is that they serve soft-serve ice cream in SF as compared to ice cream at Creamier. Nevertheless, we left with satisfied tummies and the urge to go back again!

Nearest MRT:
Holland Village (Circle Line)

44 Jalan Merah Saga, #01-52
Chip Bee Gardens,
Singapore 278116

Opening hours:
Closed on MONDAYS.
Tues – Thurs: 4PM – 10PM
Fri: 1PM – 11PM
Sat: 12PM – 11PM
Sun: 12PM – 10PM

Chocolate truffles

It’s my very first attempt at making a dessert, especially one that I like: chocolate truffles!

I got this recipe from a part of Raymond Blanc’s Café Crème recipe, under the “ganache” section. Ganache is usually made by boiling cream and adding the chocolate of your choice to it, stirring until you get a smooth mixture!

The recipe I used is 300g of semi-sweet chocolate chips (an alternative means of chocolate), and 300ml of double cream. I used chocolate chips as the chocolate bars were slightly pricey for me. But the best chocolate to use would have to be at least 60% dark or more. This is definitely worth a try as you can always add liqueur to the mixture as you see fit.

Comments are always welcome!



This recipe, in my opinion, is quite flexible. I’ve added Bailey’s Liqueur into my chocolate mix before I chill it and tastes pretty good too! If you’re extremely adventurous, I would recommend infusing the cream with rosemary (for a start) and then removing the herb before adding chocolate in!

Nutella addict

I finally made the Nutella French Toast Rolls!

It’s pretty easy to make.

You start of by removing the skin/crust of the bread and then make it flat by using a rolling pin. 

SMEAR Nutella (if you’re like me) on the bread and roll it up. 

Dunk it in beaten eggs mixed with milk and fry it up. 

After frying, coat the French toast roll in cinammon sugar (cinammon powder + sugar) and you’re done!