Al-Azhar Eating Restaurant


I first set foot into Al-Azhar a few years back when some friends and I were looking for a great supper spot near school. Years on, it’s still one of my favourite supper spots in the west of Singapore (I do this once in a LONG while)! You will not miss its signature green tables, long queues on Friday nights as well as the weekends, waiters rushing about with their hands full, sizzling hot plates of meat and of course, the smell of good food.

So that Saturday morning was a meet up with my university buds and we were fortunate to get two tables for more than 10 people. My favourite dishes from Al-Azhar are the butter chicken, garlic naan and their kuay teow goreng (extra spicy). As there were friends that weren’t good with spicy food, I ordered another serving of dhal to go with the naan.

The butter chicken is served warm with a touch of cream and coriander. This dish, however, is on the heavy side as it contains butter and cream in the gravy – heavy but a perfect complement to the garlic naan. Instead of having a serving to yourself, share the ‘burden’ with a few friends (and the calories too!). Kuay teow goreng seems to accompany me whenever I’m at Al-Azhar for supper. It is not that easy to replicate this dish at home because of the ‘wok hei’ you get when you dig into this dish. The noodles are cooked just right, with vegetables as well as minced meat. I love spicy food, hence I always order it extra spicy. Wash it down with an ice-cold cup of iced milk tea (teh beng) or *Milo dinosaur and you will find that life is so much better.

*Milo dinosaur: Ice-cold cup of Milo, a malt drink, with extra scoops of Milo powder. Head here to see how it looks like (extremely sinful, but oh. So. Good.)!


[Bukit Timah Outlet]
11 Cheong Chin Nam Rd
Singapore 599736

[Tampines Outlet]
Blk 201D Tampines Street 21 #01-1105
Singapore 524201

Nearest MRT:
Beauty World Station (DT5)
If you are driving here, park at the carpark opposite Dominos’ Pizza or you can always park at the shopping malls!

Tampines Station (EW2)
You can take buses 8/18/38/39 from the Tampines Bus Interchange.

Opening hours:

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