Le Wu Cafe

If you’re looking for authentic Thai food near Bukit Timah Road, LeWu Cafe is a great place to go to! Since it opens at about 11.30AM, you can come by for lunch. Dinner is not an issue since they only close at 9.30PM. LeWu Cafe is situated along the “Royal Stretch” of roads (informally named by yours truly), tucked into a row of shophouses in between Duke’s Road and Queen’s Road.

IMG_3085Once you and your friends are seated down, grab their menu to decide what to eat as you’ll have to pay first before you get your food. We went on a Friday afternoon and the queue was not too bad. And now, the food.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup ($8/$13 for seafood, $7/$11 for chicken) was decent. They were really generous with the ingredients as every scoop gives you a fair a share of squid, prawns and fish. If what I read online is correct, “Tom yum nam khon” adds coconut milk or evaporated milk as a finishing touch whereas the clear ones could refer to a variety of soups such as “Tom yam goong”, “Tom yam nam sai” or “Tom yam pla”. I personally prefer the clear soups as I feel that adding milk dilutes the spiciness as well as the flavour. Nevertheless, it is still tasty! [Do correct me if I’m wrong!!]

Next up was the ground chicken cooked with a mix of basil and chillies ($13). It is definitely flavoursome with the heat, herbs and the sauce that binds everything together. However, ground chicken in general could be drier as chicken is rather lean when compared to ground pork. When cooking ground pork (with an appropriate amount of fat), the fat renders which will then lead to the searing of meat, thus giving it a caramelized finish and keeping it moist as well. Then again, they’ve done a really good job with this dish as it goes very well with the rice!

No one can reject a good fried chicken, not even me. The Sesame Seeds Chicken Wings ($7 for 3 pieces) are crispy on the outside with sesame seeds in the batter, tender and moist on the inside. These are best eaten when piping hot (just go for it!). The seasoning is just nice, not too salty, not too bland. One of my favourite dishes!

Tamarind Prawns ($13) are battered, deep-fried prawns that seem to be coated in a slightly sweet glaze and then accompanied by a tamarind sauce. It is the seafood version of the sweet-and-sour pork. Prawns are cooked perfectly, without a hint of fishiness.

Last but not least, the classic favourite even in other zi char stalls outside. Stir-fried Kang Kong ($10 for either fried in thai chillies or in sambal) can never go wrong with the right amount of garlic, chillies, and a talented cook behind the wok. If it is undercooked, the stems will taste raw. Overcook it, the stems turn soggy and what you have are mushy vegetables. But when done perfectly, the crunchiness of the stems are retained, but they have been infused with the garlic and chilli oil which makes every bite a pleasure. The leaves when cooked well, will be just coated with all that garlicky, chilli goodness.

Great place for a Friday lunch (and other days as well)!

Nearest MRT:
Botanic Gardens (CC19/DT9)
Just a 5-min walk away.

551 Bukit Timah Rd,
Singapore 269692

Opening hours:
Mon – Sun
11.30AM – 9.30PM

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